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Everyone's retirement goals are different. That's why the information you receive should be about you


Educators Advisor Announces Strategic Partnership

Educators Advisor has teamed up with  educator  focused non profits to provide non-biased, custom tailored retirement solutions at no cost to educators through our Public Employees Retirement Advocate program. All of the non-profits are focused on the classroom educator providing grants, supplies and scholarships to those who serve our youth. Through the Recommended Local Provider Program the non-profits have instituted, educators can get unbiased information on their state pension, 403b/457 plans and any other retirement information. All the RLP's are authorized by your school district vendors to provide this information. These advisors go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure the highest degree of ethical and fiduciary conduct. The RLP advisors are considered the "gold standard" in regard to educator planning


About Us


Education-based Approach

Our goal is to help educators better understand their retirement through a proven evidence-based process that covers pension systems, supplemental retirement products such as the 403b or 457b, along with other retirement products. 


Building A Sustainable Retirement

An educator's pension typically composes the majority of their retirement income. Social Security and 403b 0r 457b funds may also be available to supplement an educator's pension funds in retirement. Advisors focus on how these funds are most efficiently distributed.


Why Us?

Many times educators are not provided with the adequate training and educational resources to make the most informed decisions regarding their retirement. Everyone's retirement is different. Educator Advisors believe educators deserves access at no cost, on an individual basis, to a licensed professional who can walk them through their pension and help answer any questions they may have about planning for their retirement.

The process


Pension Systems

Each state has its own pension system. Some systems are similar while some are quite unique. Pensions are constantly changing, especially as pensions continue to become more difficult for states to fund. Many teachers have taught in multiple states and therefore they may have access to multiple pension incomes when they reach retirement. Pension income generated in retirement makes up the majority of most educator's retirement income. Educator Advisors help walk you through the intricacies of your pension-related questions.


403b/457b Supplemental Retirement Options

Are you eligible to start a 403b or 457b? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these products? Are there different types? What is the fee structure? How are they taxed? Can I combine an old 403b with my current 403b? These are all important questions and just some of the questions which can be addressed by your Educator Advisor.


Creating A Blueprint For Success

A successful retirement takes planning, discipline and educated decision making. Utilize Educator Advisors to help you achieve the retirement of your dreams. You've earned it.